Young Life South Side Chicago

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Located in Woodlawn, UCW WyldLife is in its 8th year of existence! WyldLife is our middle school ministry where we build relationships with students, mentoring them and guiding them toward a relationship with God. We have club weekly where we play games, listen to music, eat food and hear a message about God and take kids to camp twice a year! Our team of 3 leaders serves over 50 students and families.


Basketball Club

Basketball Club is a development camp for everyone. No matter if this is your first-time playing basketball or has been playing for years, we are committed to taking your game to the next level. Located at Compassion Baptist Church, Basketball Club gathers students from all over the south side to help advance their skills on and off the court. Our core values are Faith, Family, and Fitness. We do drills, conditioning, strength training, and personal assessments.

UofC Lab School

Located in Hyde Park, Lab Young Life has been active for 10+ years serving an average of 15 high school students. Lab is diverse and students commute from all over the city to attend.





"Young Life is amazing. If you get exposure to Young Life and you don’t get involved, you’re crazy!"
- Jerry Butler, WyldLife Volunteer